Новините на Дарик
Почина голямата българска актриса Виолета Гиндева

На 72-годишна възраст почина голямата българска ак

Задържаха микробус, с който са превозвани експлозивите за атаките в Шри Ланка

Полицията в Шри Ланка е задържала микробус в столичния

Комикът Зеленски печели президентските избори в Украйна, сочи екзит пол

Володимир Зеленски със съкрушителна победа на пре

Руските комици Вован и Лексус погодиха номер на Рамуш Харадинай

Владимир „Вован“ Кузнецов и Алексей „Лексус“ Столиа

Слон уби петима души за една нощ

Разярен слон е стъпкал и убил петима души за една н

По първоначални данни: Стево Пендаровски печели първия тур на изборите в РС Македония

Точно в 19 часа бяха затворени избирателните секции в Р

Българското посолство в Делхи оказва съдействие на наши съграждани в Шри Ланка

По информация на посолството ни в Индия към този момен

When is Easter?
Easter is the greatest feast day celebrated to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, on the third day after his crucifixion. Thus, this day is marked as Easter Day, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday. It is springtime holiday that observes the life, death and resurrection of the Savior together. Easter is the oldest and holiest Christian festival. The celebration is a magical time for children, what with chocolate bunnies, hot cross buns, marshmallow chicks, jellybean-filled Easter eggs and candles forming the main attractions on this day. The egg has been the symbol of birth in most cultures since the earliest times. Today, the eggs are brightly colored and decorated and gifted in Easter baskets.

Easter and other associated holidays do not fall on fixed dates, because they follow the Jewish Lunar Calendar and not the Solar Gregorian Calendar. Generally, the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or just after Spring Equinox (March 21) is fixed as Easter. Easter, thus, is also known as a moveable feast, since it can occur on any date between March 22nd and April 25th. Till date, there exists a difference of opinion between the churches of the West and orthodox churches of the East, which are deeply prejudiced by the old traditions. In the year 1997, the World Council of Churches put a suggestion to restructure the methods of determining the date of Easter to remove this difference of dates in the Western and the Eastern Churches. Although this reform was to be implemented from 2001, it failed due to lack of support from these churches.

Easter Calendar 2011
March 9 - Ash Wednesday
April 17 - Palm Sunday
April 22 - Good Friday
April 24 - Easter Sunday (Western and Orthodox)

Easter Calendar 2012
February 22 - Ash Wednesday
April 1 - Palm Sunday
April 6 - Good Friday
April 8 - Easter Sunday (Western)
April 15 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox)

Easter Calendar 2013
February 13 - Ash Wednesday
March 24 - Palm Sunday
March 29 - Good Friday
March 31 - Easter Sunday (Western)
May 5 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox)

Easter Calendar 2014
March 5 - Ash Wednesday
April 13 - Palm Sunday
April 18 - Good Friday
April 20 - Easter Sunday (Western and Orthodox)

Easter Calendar 2015
February 18 - Ash Wednesday
March 29 - Palm Sunday
April 3 - Good Friday
April 5 - Easter Sunday (Western)
April 12 - Easter Sunday (Orthodox)